Disability Insurance – Often Overlooked

Your ability to earn a living is the most important asset that you own.  However, few people understand what coverage they have on their income.   Income protection provided by an individual disability insurance policy replaces part of your monthly income if you become sick or hurt and cannot work.  Fortress Mega works with our partners at Breeze to provide individual disability insurance.

Our thoughts around Disability Insurance:

  • Employer provided Disability Insurance is usually sufficient
  • We suggest not overbuying Disability insurance. How much Disability Insurance do you have and how much do you need?
  • As a general rule of thumb whatever monthly disability you need will be the annual cost for the policy

We usually recommend considering Disability Insurance for 3 scenarios:

  • Broad income replacement
  • Replacing a certain amount of monthly expenses
  • Business Owners –
    • Buy/Sell Agreements
    • Key Person
    • Business Overhead Expense